Course Details

Showing Affirmation with Action is the final course in the Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ+ Child series. This course builds off the first three courses and dives into topics that explore the importance and practices of parent acceptance. This course features:

• 3 learning content videos
• 3 personal videos from parents who share their vulnerable journey
• Fillable journaling pages for personal reflection on course topics
• Links to resources for further study and more in-depth learning
• Mobile ready content, available 24/7
• Estimated time to complete: 25 minutes

Course Outcomes

Developing a greater understanding of your LGBTQ+ child's experiences is a huge part of the journey of becoming an affirming parent. In this course, you will:

  • Increase your understanding of the importance of moving beyond tolerance, where you can accept and celebrate your child's LGBTQ+ identity

  • Increase your awareness of the ways affirming parenting has a direct impact on your child's mental health

  • Increase your knowledge of specific ways to show support for your LGBTQ+ child


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