Welcome to Parachute

Parachute is an eLearning program that offers a gentle lift and a soft landing for parents and caring adults who have an LGBTQ+ child in their lives. Starting with the Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ+ Child series, Parachute offers comprehensive, research-based courses that provide the education that parents, families and community members need to understand, affirm, and support LGBTQ+ children.

Future courses will cover topics such as sexual orientation, gender identity, diversity, advocacy, and suicide prevention.

What makes Parachute different from other programs?

Parachute courses are designed by parents, for parents who are new to the journey of parenting an LGBTQ+ child who might be facing the same questions and concerns they once did.

Each course includes personal videos from parents who have been on this journey, just like you. Their powerful, vulnerable stories will help you know you are not alone in your journey to understand and support your child.

Each course provides digital journals that are downloadable, with topic-specific prompts to reflect on course content, allowing participant to connect with their learning and growth.

Why is Parachute important?

With nearly 5 million youth identifying as LGBTQ+, there is a critical need for parents and caring adults to understand the relationship between rejecting/accepting behaviors and mental health. While rejecting behaviors increase risks for LGBTQ+ children, supportive behaviors lead to healthier outcomes for LGBTQ+ children and adolescents. Multiple studies have demonstrated the vital importance of affirming behaviors on the mental and physical health of LGBTQ+ kids.

Children and adolescents with high levels of acceptance are:
• 3x less likely to think about suicide
• more likely to have higher self-esteem
• less likely to be depressed

Education leads to better outcomes

When parents and caring adults become more informed about their LGBTQ+ child’s journey, they become empowered to become the best possible advocates for their children. We anticipate that this program will increase general understanding of LGBTQ+ issues, increase affirming behaviors among parents and caring adults, and improve the environment for LGBTQ+ people everywhere.

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