FREE to Mothers of LGBTQ+ kids

through membership to Mama Dragons

Mama Dragons is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support, educate, and empower mothers of LGBTQ+ children. Mama Dragons' focus is on providing safe online spaces and educational programs where mothers can learn and connect with other Mama Dragons traveling similar paths as they learn accepting and affirming parenting practices that can help prevent LGBTQ+ youth suicide, depression, and homelessness.

Once you join Mama Dragons, you will receive a coupon code to access courses for free. Membership to Mama Dragons is also free.

FREE to Fathers of LGBTQ+ kids

through membership to Dragon Dads

Dragon Dads is a community of fathers who strive to be better for their LGBTQ+ children through their shared experiences while providing service and support to LGBTQ+ led organizations. If you are a dad of an LGBTQ+ individual, and share the mission of Dragon Dads, please consider joining their private group on Facebook.

Once you join Dragon Dads, you will receive a coupon code to access Parachute courses for FREE.