So your child just came out to you... now what?

Parenting and supporting an LGBTQ child can feel overwhelming at times. You may have big questions and may not be sure where to get answers. You want to know how to support your LGBTQ child but are afraid you'll make mistakes.

The Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ Child series contains four self-paced e-courses that were designed by parents, for parents who are new to this journey like they once were, facing the same questions and concerns. The courses are full of evidence-based content, brought to life in beautiful illustrated and animated learning videos and personal stories that are designed to help parents of LGBTQ children as they learn to better understand, support, and celebrate their child. By taking this series, we hope you'll learn ways to become more confident, understanding, and affirming by opening your eyes, mind, and heart to your child's gifts and challenges, and that together, you can help your child thrive.
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Our hope for you on this journey

  • Increase your love and
    understanding for your child

    As you participate in each course, we hope that it helps you better understand the experiences of your LGBTQ child which can fuel unconditional love, empathy, and support.

  • Build a safe environment where
    your child can thrive

    The courses in this series will teach you about the mental health risks your LGBTQ child may experience, and the role you play in providing a safe, affirming home where your child can thrive.

  • Feel connection with other parents
    who have been where you are

    Each course includes three personal videos from parents who have been on this journey, just like you. Their powerful, vulnerable stories will help you know you are not alone in your challenges or your celebrations.

The Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ Child series bundle

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle. The courses were designed to take in sequential order, as a group, though they are available to purchase individually.

Course Outcomes

Multiple studies have shown how important it is for parents to affirm their LGBTQ children. Parenting behaviors have a direct impact on children's mental and physical health. By the end of Parachute's Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ Child series, participants will have learned:

  • To identify common myths and misconceptions about the LGBTQ community and why they are false

  • To understand the mental health challenges LGBTQ children often experience and how to respond to them

  • To define common terms used in the LGBTQ community, including personal labels for sexual orientation and gender ide

  • To know best practices that support and celebrate the LGBTQ child in their life

  • To know how to create support structures and communities of care that provide strength and encouragement for the job of parenting and supporting an LGBTQ child

See what participants are saying

"Every parent should watch this!"

Kathryn H.

"It is a calm, comforting, evidence-based guide for the parent of an LGBTQ child."

"A course full of resources and hope"

Rhonda H

"I'm so glad I was able to take this eCourse. My head was spinning with the news of my daughter's sexual orientation and I didn't know how to process it. This course helped me find the words to talk to my daughter about everything. We have a beautiful relationship now! Thank you Mama Dragons!"

"Incredible support"

Kathleen H

"No matter where you are in this journey with your child, this course has something to offer. The information is clear and incredibly supportive."

"Helpful course for new and not-so-new moms of LGBTQ kids"

Melissa D

"I took this course almost 2 years after my child came out to me as bisexual... While some of it I had already learned, hearing personal stories of other moms and their journeys supporting their LGBTQ child inspired me to put more energy into advocating for my child to be more fully accepted in our family."

"Something for everyone"

Holly O

"You may already be familiar with some of the content here, but I believe everyone can gain important insights from this program. The stories shared are heartfelt and so relatable."

"NECESSARY for ALL parents and educators"

Marion M

"Do you have an LGBTQ+ child? Do you think one of your children or grandchildren is queer? Might there be an LGBTQ+ child in your class or neighborhood? Might there be queer people in your office or congregation? This course is for you. It’s really for everyone. If every adult would take this course, the world would be safer and more beautiful place for our precious LGBTQ+ children. Every educator and parent NEEDS to take this course."