About the Course

Parenting and supporting an LGBTQ child can feel overwhelming at times. You may have big questions and not be sure where to get answers. You want to know how to support your LGBTQ child but are afraid you’ll make mistakes. Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ Child is a self-paced course full of beautiful interactive content and personal stories that is designed to help parents of LGBTQ children as they learn to better understand, support, and celebrate their child. By taking this course, you’ll learn to become a more confident, understanding, and affirming adult by opening your eyes, mind, and heart to your child’s gifts and challenges. You can get answers to your questions in a safe space, meet other caring adults who understand what you’re feeling, and learn what your child needs from you in order to thrive.

Course Details

Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ Child is a 2-hour, self-directed course that includes twelve learning topics that are grounded in research, and presented in a warm, accessible teaching style. To reinforce the content and to provide a rich, interactive experience, Parachute also features:

• 12 video/animated stories from moms of LGBTQ children who share their journeys
• A downloadable, fillable journal with prompts to encourage personal reflection on course topics
• Trained facilitators who are moms of LGBTQ kids to answer questions and provide support
• A private, secure online social platform (called Community) where participants can ask questions, share stories, and receive support
• Links to resources for further study and more in-depth learning

Course Outcomes

Multiple studies have shown how important it is for parents to affirm their LGBTQ children. Parenting behaviors have a direct impact on children’s mental and physical health. By the end of Parachute’s Intro to Understanding Your LGBTQ Child course, participants will have learned:

  • To identify common myths and misconceptions about the LGBTQ community and why they are false

  • To understand the mental health challenges LGBTQ children often experience and how to respond to them

  • To define common terms used in the LGBTQ community, including personal labels for sexual orientation and gender identity

  • To develop practices that support and celebrate the LGBTQ child in their life

  • To create support structures and communities of care that provide strength and encouragement for the job of parenting and supporting an LGBTQ child

The Course Outline

Browse through the units and topics covered in this intro course

  • 1

    Parachute Orientation

    • Welcome

    • Entry Survey

    • Gentle Lift, Soft Landing

    • What to Expect

    • Why Parachute

    • Here to Help

    • Get Ready to Soar!

    • Introduce Yourself to the Parachute Community.

  • 2

    The LGBTQ Community

  • 3

    The Coming Out Experience

    • TOPIC 1: What it's Like to Keep a Secret

    • –– Alison's Story

    • –– Journal Activity

    • TOPIC 2: What to do when someone tells you their truth

    • --Marissa's Story

    • –– Journal Activity

    • TOPIC 3: Embracing Your New Role

    • –– Bethany's Story

    • –– Journal Activity

    • Want More? Go to Parachute Community

  • 4

    Understanding LGBTQ Labels

    • TOPIC 1: LGBTQ Labels

    • --Amy's Story

    • –– Journal Activity

    • TOPIC 2: Understanding Sexual Orientation

    • --Rachel's Story

    • –– Journal Activity

    • TOPIC 3: Understanding Gender Identity

    • –– Yvonne's Story

    • –– Journal Activity

    • Want More? Go to Parachute Community

  • 5

    Showing Affirmation with Action

    • TOPIC 1: Moving from Tolerance to Acceptance

    • –– Kaye's Story

    • –– Journal Activity

    • TOPIC 2: Tips for Becoming an Affirming Parent

    • –– QPR by Jen

    • –– Journal Activity

    • TOPIC 3: How to Show Your Support

    • –– Journal Activity

    • –– We Need Your Feedback

    • –– Exit Survey

    • Letters from Mamas

    • Want More? Go to Parachute Community

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